Vestum acquires entrepreneur-led and well-managed businesses with extensive industry experience, where our know-how and broad network can contribute to continued positive development. We have a long-term approach to value creation and believe in decentralised management where the subsidiaries retain a great deal of their own responsibility with decision-making close to the customer.

Vestum's organisation consists of individuals who have founded, managed and acquired a large number of companies. We have broad knowledge of the strengths and challenges of entrepreneur-led businesses. At Vestum, entrepreneurs are surrounded by people who support and develop each other, and respected for the skills that already exist in the business. 

We believe in decentralised management, but as part of the Vestum Group, we can offer our know-how and the strength that comes from collaborating with other entrepreneurs. By collecting operations within selected niches of civic infrastructure, we can collaborate on customers, products and services.

From a group perspective, we support our entrepreneurs with industrial and technical know-how, competence development and personal development for senior executives as well as other personnel. We strive to achieve best practice by applying proven methods and professional standards in all operations, and greatly benefit from our network of industry specialists that we have built up over the years.

The focus in ongoing operations is growth, profitability and working capital, but we also strive to create awareness and make sustainability issues a natural part of the business.

Our acquisition model includes four basic pillars: identification, evaluation, execution and follow-up.

Vestum's acquisition process


We strive to continously maintain discussions with interesting acquisition candidates, both directly and through advisers. In total, we evaluate hundreds of companies each year.


Vestum evaluates potential acquisition candidates based on a number of parameters to create a deeper understanding of the company’s business model, risks, market position, competitive landscape, financial history and prospects, as well as the continued commitment of key personnel. During the evaluation process, Vestum formulates a value-creation hypothesis for how we can help drive profitable growth.


During the execution phase, Vestum conducts a commercial, legal and financial due diligence of the target company, followed by negotiations and signing of the agreement.


After the acquisition has been completed, a plan is developed for how the business can best be incorporated into the Group to maximize the benefits of being part of Vestum. In addition to working together on strategic issues that arise, the acquired company's management maintains a continuous dialogue with relevant individuals from Vestum.

We are looking to acquire businesses based on the following criteria

Size segment – ​​Small and medium-sized profitable companies with sales of SEK 40-400 million.

Industry segment – ​​We only acquire businesses within civic infrastructure.

Financial Profile – Proven business model with clear stability and double digit profit margin.

Decentralised business model – Business decisions are made in the companies with the support of group resources.

Geography – Largest focus on companies with headquarters in Sweden or Norway, but also Denmark, Finland, the UK and Germany within the Water segment.