We employ an opportunistic acquisition strategy, but we only acquire well-managed and successful companies that can be developed to become even stronger with the help of our experience, knowledge, network and expertise. Our three guiding principles are entrepreneurship, decentralization and long-term planning.

We take a long-term approach toward value creation and in general never divest a company.

We believe we stand apart from many other acquisition-driven companies by making use of the valuable lessons from our vast experience. That is highlighted by the fact that our Group management has been involved in a total of more than 50 company acquisitions and also co-founded a number of companies.

We have used that experience to develop an acquisition model for identifying and evaluating potential acquisitions as well as the implementation and follow-up strategies for the acquired company:

Vestum's process


We strive to engage in continuous discussions with interesting acquisition candidates, both directly and through advisers. In total, we evaluate more than 100 companies each year.


Vestum evaluates potential acquisitions based on a number of parameters to create a deeper understanding of the company’s business model, risks, market position, competitive landscape, financial history and prospects, as well as the continued commitment of key personnel. During the evaluation process, Vestum formulates a value-creation hypothesis for how we can help drive profitable growth.


During the implementation phase, Vestum conducts a commercial, legal and financial screening of the target company, followed by negotiations and signing of the agreement.


After the acquisition has been completed, a plan is developed for how the business can best be incorporated into the Group to maximize the benefits of being part of Vestum. In addition to working together on strategic issues that arise, the acquired company's management maintains a continuous dialogue with the Group management. The focus of day-to-day management is on growth, profitability and working capital.

The benefits of being part of Vestum

We support our subsidiaries with industrial and technical know-how, and address issues concerning strategy, processes and implementation. To do so, we often make use of our network of industry specialists that we have developed over the years.

We work actively to stimulate skills-development and knowledge-transfer between our companies and support personal development for both executives and other staff.

Having Vestum as an owner means that companies get an owner with a long-term approach for value creation.

We strive to achieve best-practice by applying repeatable proven methods and professional standards in all companies.

At Vestum, companies are met by people who support and help each other’s development. Our culture is characterized by competitiveness, entrepreneurship and humility.