Vestum is a Swedish acquisition-driven company focused on acquiring and developing specialist companies within the segments Water, Services and Infrastructure. Vestum is actively looking for high-quality companies with proven business models, strong market positions and predictable cash flows where Vestum can be involved and contribute to continued positive development.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and we want that to permeate the entire organization. Operational decisions should be made at the company level rather than at Group level. By using a decentralized approach while also giving each portfolio company strong support from Group functions, we can free up time to develop the business and operations.

Our ambition is to grow to become the leading Nordic acquisition-driven company with a distinct focus on the construction services and infrastructure industries. We are continuously growing through acquisitions of well-managed and profitable companies where we can work together with ambitious entrepreneurs and company executives to develop the companies to drive profitable growth. We also strive to grow organically with limited business risks.

We have our roots in organizations where sustainability has always been a top priority, and that will remain a mantra for us.

Our segments


Water includes specialist companies focused on improving the service industry for water infrastructure. The companies are characterized by structural growth and can for example be specialized in pump technology and aftermarket services in the water and wastewater industry.


Services includes specialist companies that serve the construction industry with various services with a special focus on maintenance and renovation work. Most often, these companies act as subcontractors and are, for example, specialized in plumbing, cooling, suspended ceilings, electricity, assembly work, floors, facades, and more.


Infrastructure includes specialist companies that carry out work in land & civil engineering, railroad, and other infrastructure. The market is driven by large infrastructure investments and extensive maintenance needs and is often characterized by locally strong players.

Our business model

Our business model is based on the following ideas:


We are growing both organically and through acquisitions, with acquisitions being the biggest driver of growth

Long-term perspective

We take a long-term approach to value creation

Industry focus

We only invest in businesses with exposure to the construction services and infrastructure industries

Decentralized business model

The companies make their own business decisions while getting support in organizational and management processes, HR issues, financial management, IT and communications.

Profitable growth

Our main focus is always profitable and healthy growth, both regarding the organization and sales


Sustainability issues shall always be a priority

We aim to acquire companies based on the following parameters:


Small and medium-sized companies with sales of SEK 40-400 million or EBITA of SEK 5-50 million

Industry segment

Construction services and infrastructure

Financial profile

A proven business model with clear stability and predictable cash flows


We enter into partnerships with committed and motivated management teams by offering risk diversification on their holdings while 100% of the shares are sold to Vestum


Our acquired companies have their headquarters in the Nordics, with main focus on Sweden (add-on acquisitions may deviate from this)

Vision, business concept and business model

Vestum is an acquisition-driven company that aims to create value by acquiring and developing companies within the construction services and infrastructure industries. Our companies have proven business models, strong market positions and predictable cash flows. The companies acquired by Vestum keep their company names, brands and cultures.


”Vestum shall become the leading Nordic acquisition-driven company focused on the construction services and infrastructure industries.”

Business concept

”We acquire small and medium-sized, well-run and profitable companies within the construction services and infrastructure industries, where we can work together with ambitious entrepreneurs and company executives to develop the companies to drive profitable growth. We do this by jointly addressing topics concerning strategy, processes and implementation.


Vestum uses a very decentralized business model. We are convinced that the best decisions are made by the people who run the businesses. The subsidiaries themselves have the financial responsibility to generate sales, profits and cash flow. This contributes to flexibility and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

We care strongly about maintaining a well-managed Group, and therefore demand that each acquired company has well-functioning operations and management. That means each unit has its own CEO who is responsible for the company. In terms of size, we focus on businesses with sales of SEK 40-400 million. Each company’s management has control over the entire operation and can quickly adapt the business to the customers' needs. Each company is offered support from the Parent Company's central organization regarding organizational and management structure, HR, financial management, IT and communications.


Vestum started its operations in 2021 by acquiring three companies within the construction industry. These companies have extensive industry experience and good profitability. The Group’s goal is to grow by acquiring companies that are strong both financially and organizationally, and who also complement the other companies. We believe we can help our customers through the entire chain.

Vestum’s share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm.

Vestum was founded in connection with changing its operations and name from the previous company WeSC during 2021.

WeSC was founded in 1999 in Stockholm and designs, markets and sells clothes and accessories in the premium streetwear segment under its own brand WeSC.

The brand was created for young skateboarders, but as streetwear has emerged as one of the most influential segments on the fashion scene, the Company has focused more on this niche.

The company today sells functional urban clothing influenced by iconic and graphic elements. The customer base includes both women and men and the clothes are characterized by their combination of style and function. The WeSC brand stands for "We Are the Superlative Conspiracy" and has gained a firm foothold in popular culture with a target group that has been defined as "intellectual slackers." The company's brand is available in about ten countries, with sales taking place both through its own online stores and through resellers.

In recent years, WeSC has changed the profile of its brand to focus more on premium streetwear with a greater emphasis on improved design and quality. WeSC has also chosen to increase its presence in the North American market, with the Company's design department moving there in order to be close to the main market.

WeSC's biggest success factor is the strong brand. WeSC is and “lives” its brand, which is a prerequisite for successfully building a strong brand within the Company's segment. WeSC's strong brand also provides an opportunity for licensing the production and sales of new product groups in cases where these products differ from WeSC's existing range in terms of production, distribution or sales channels, but still fit the brand and WeSC's existing target group.