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Vestum consists of more than 60 niche companies with over 1,800 employees providing services and products to the infrastructure sector. We specialise in sustainable development and, through our robust presence in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, have a strong position in the Northern European market. 


We develop and acquire niche companies with proven business models, sustainable competitive advantages, and strong local presence within the segments of Water, Services, and Infrastructure. Vestum's business model is based on decentralised governance, strong industry and customer focus, and entrepreneurial drive. Our ambition is to grow and become the leading Northern European industrial group in providing specialised services and products for a sustainable infrastructure. With a clear focus on business development and sustainability as driving forces, we are developing and constructing a climate-adapted, more sustainable, and vital infrastructure that meets the needs of tomorrow. Through long-term commitment and a commitment to acting responsibly throughout the value chain, Vestum contributes to sustainable development and long-term value creation.



A decentralised business model

We are a divisionalised organisation where operational and business decisions are made by the management of each unit or subsidiary, with strategic support from Vestum.

A results-oriented organisation

Vestum's operations focus on achieving profitable and sustainable growth, as well as meeting the return requirements and goals set at segment and group levels.

An acquisition-driven growth

Acquisitions add knowledge and expertise, expand our customer base, open up new geographical markets, and strengthen our existing offering.


An entrepreneurial drive

We are first and foremost entrepreneurs, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth by being resourceful and creative.

A spirit of accountability

We believe in freedom with responsibility - and we trust our colleagues to carry out their tasks without micromanagement.

A brave culture

We dare to question things and are not afraid to make mistakes - we learn and grow from them.


Water, Services and Infrastructure

Vestum's operations are divided into three segments offering services and products for various parts of the most critical infrastructure of our socities.

Our segments

Togheter, we create the future

We acquire leading niche companies that strengthen and expand the offerings within our existing segments.

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The market's most prominent specialists

Vestum gathers over 60 niche companies within the segments of Water, Services, and Infrastructure.

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