Vestum is an industrial group that provides services and products to civic infrastructure. Our portfolio of leading specialists has extensive industry experience, proven business models and strong local presence.

Vestum's organisation has extensive experience in starting, developing and acquiring businesses. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and it is important that the entrepreneur's driving forces and customer focus permeate the entire organisation. Therefore, we believe that operational decisions should be made in the operating unit rather than at group level. At the same time, we work closely with our entrepreneurs where experienced representatives from Vestum can participate in making strategic decisions in order to optimise the time for commercial and operational development.

Our ambition is to grow to become the leading Nordic industrial group with a distinct focus on niched services and products to civic infrastructure. We do this by developing and acquiring well-managed and profitable businesses where, together with ambitious entrepreneurs and company management, we can work for continued development and sustainable profitable growth.

Our main principles



One of our key success factors and our DNA – for us it’s important that this permeate the entire organisation.


Long-term perspective

We have a long-term perspective on value creation.



Acquisitions are to strengthen and advance our position within our segments.


Industry focus

We operate within civic infrastructure.


Decentralised business model

Business decisions are taken by management in each company with support from relevant individuals in Vestum.


Profitable and sustainable growth

Main focus on profitable and healthy growth of both sales and the organisation.



We operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK.



Sustainability reporting occurs quarterly and is an integrated part of our governance model.

Water, Services and Infrastructure

We have over 70 companies in the Water, Services and Infrastructure segments.

Våra segment

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Vestum acquires entrepreneur-led and well-managed businesses with extensive industry experience.

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We have the market's most prominent specialists within our three segments.

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