At Vestum, sustainable companies are our business concept. We see our sustainability work as an important competitive advantage. We acquire and develop specialist companies in the construction, and the infrastructure industry. And we have a holistic perspective on sustainability which is integrated into our business model, investment strategy and investment criteria.

We want to make a difference in society, we want our company's products and solutions help customers become more sustainable and create long-term values ​​for society.

Vestum's subsidiaries, which vary in size and focus, have reached different stages of maturity in sustainability work. Some companies work methodically and measure ongoing results and improvements. Development is underway in other companies. Within their specialist areas, the companies have knowledge and experience regarding environmental issues, quality and how good working conditions are ensured, which partly meets the client's requirements, and partly contributes to the development of new solutions and standards within the industry. All acquisitions consist of well-managed businesses with company managements that have a great commitment to sustainable business solutions in an industry that has to deal with many challenges.


Organizational responsibility

The Vestum Group Board of Directors establishes the overall sustainability strategy with objectives, follow-up and performance measurement.

Vestum's Group CEO is ultimately responsible and ensures together with the Vestum Group Management Team and the ESG Director  that sustainability work forms part of the Vestum Group's overall business strategy, that sustainability risks in the group are managed, that Vestum's approach to sustainability issues is implemented and communicated in acquisitions and in the management of subsidiaries so that sustainability becomes an integral part of the business.

The Division Manager is responsible as chairman of the board in the subsidiaries that sustainability risks are controlled, that opportunities within the sustainability work are taken care of and via results meetings for the sustainability follow-up in the companies.

The ESG Director support the group-wide work and together with the Division Managers ensure that sustainability issues are integrated into the day-to-day operations of the subsidiaries.

The CEO of the subsidiaries is responsible for ensuring that environmental and work environment work is carried out in the company, that laws and regulations are followed, and that sustainability work is implemented among employees and in the business.