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We are to be a leading group that actively works for a sustainable infrastructure.


Achieve profitable and sustainable growth by developing and acquiring leading businesses with extensive experience in providing specialised services and products to the infrastructure sector.


Strategy for profitable and sustainable growth

Vestum's strategy is to develop and acquire niche companies that provide products and services to the infrastructure sector. The group currently consists of leading businesses driven by structural growth with stable earnings and cash flow over time. By bringing together businesses in the same industry, conditions are created for business-driving collaborations concerning customers and offerings.

Strategy for business development

Business development is a central part of Vestum's operations. Vestum develops the group companies together with the companies' management teams. The work is based on a strong customer focus combined with the group's collective expertise and resources. Vestum supports portfolio companies with experience and expertise, processes, leadership, and financial resources. Vestum conducts systematic work to extract synergies and collaboration effects between the companies, such as project collaborations, knowledge transfer, and cross-selling.

Strategy for acquisitions

Acquisitions aim to strengthen and advance Vestum's position by increasing the level of specialisation and adding new expertise, enhancing existing offerings, expanding the customer base, and contributing to geographic expansion. Acquisitions are also an important growth driver where the acquisition model and pace are adjusted to the market climate. The main focus is on complementary acquisitions to the existing portfolio as well as add-on acquisitions to existing operations.