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Sustainability is a strategically important issue for Vestum, and we have a long-term commitment to promoting and contributing to a sustainable society.


We also operate within industries facing necessary and extensive transitions in the coming years to reduce their climate impact. These challenges require us to engage in active sustainability efforts while developing our business strategies to meet the demands of the changing world. Vestum strives to be a driving force in promoting a more sustainable future by addressing and managing these challenges proactively and effectively. By making necessary adaptations and investments, we position ourselves to meet future demands while creating long-term value for both our stakeholders and society as a whole.



Vestum has sustainability targets in five areas: workplace environment, gender equality, skills recruitment, climate and biodiversity.

The targets extend to 2040, with interim goals for 2026, and focus on areas that are deemed particularly important from a sustainability perspective based on Vestum's operations

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Vestum reports the group's sustainability efforts in our sustainability report, which constitutes an integrated part of our annual report. We also report on selected sustainability metrics in our quarterly reports.

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Member of the UN Global Compact

Vestum has joined the UN Global Compact – a platform for management, development, implementation and reporting of responsible business practices.

Members of the UN Global Compact undertake to follow ten basic principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption, and to take measures in support of the  Sustainable Development Goals.

Launched in 2000, the UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 16,000 companies based in over 158 countries.

With the goal of acquiring and developing specialist companies in the construction industry and infrastructure, Vestum has a holistic perspective on sustainability, integrated into the business model, investment strategy and investment criteria.