Sustainability is a strategically important for us at Vestum. We have a long term commitment to contribute to a sustainable society. Through our subsidiaries, we can make a difference and to reach a society that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Climate change and environmental impacts continue to affect our lives and the future of all other species around the planet. For us as a company, sustainable business processes are absolutely necessary. Construction and infrastructure are industries that affect our society to a large extent. Industry has largely contributed to climate change due to its need for land, resources and fossil fuels. But we see that we have the opportunity to positively influence development through sustainable and resource-efficient methods and products.

For us at Vestum and for our subsidiaries, sustainability begins with being aware of the challenges and understanding how important it is to make changes - both for our business and for our planet.

Our sustainability process

We evaluate how far every company has come in sustainability work before acquisitions

We strive to continuously hold discussions with interesting acquisition candidates both directly and through company advisors. In total, over a hundred companies are evaluated annually.

We start our strategic sustainability process

We develop roadmaps with milestones and activities to achieve our overall sustainability goals.

Ongoing sustainability process

We continuously work to improve our sustainability performance. We do this by evaluate where we have our sustainability impact and then setting goals and developing activities for how our operations can increase their positive impact and reduce their negative impact.

Reporting quarterly and annually

We follow up and report our work continuously in quarterly reports and in the annual report. For us, it is important that our stakeholders know what our goals are and how far we have come in our sustainability work.

Member of the UN Global Compact

Vestum has joined the UN Global Compact – a platform for management, development, implementation and reporting of responsible business practices.

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Sustainable growth

At Vestum, sustainable companies are our business concept. We see our sustainability work as an important competitive advantage.

Hållbar tillväxt

Our sustainability targets for 2040

Sustainability is a strategically important issue for Vestum and we have made a long-term commitment to contribute to a sustainable society.

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