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Scanregn wants to contribute to increased biological diversity, among other things, by creating a meadow with various flowers, plants and a pond, as well as planting bushes and trees


Scanregn also plans to create insect hotels to further attract pollinating insects. In addition to the work with biodiversity, Scanregn also aims to become self-sufficient in electricity via solar cells and to switch to electric cars to the greatest extent possible.

Scanregn has for a long time had the ambition to lead the way forward in sustainability. Claus Villekjear, CEO at Scanregn says that in addition to the construction of a meadow, they have recently installed solar panels that will provide enough energy to run their facilities during the day as well as run their heat pumps.

Increased biodiversity and sustainability



Claus Villekjear hopes that the concrete activities will contribute to increased biological diversity and drive development towards more sustainable collaborations and solutions within the industry.

Switching to electric cars is underway



Claus drives an electric car himself but emphasizes that there are still challenges with limited battery range and limited access to fast charging stations across Denmark.


Claus Villekjær





The concept of biological diversity is a collective term for all the variation that exists between and within species and habitats on earth. Biodiversity plays a decisive role in nature's basic functions, such as pollination and purification of air and water.